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Load-bearing walls system
This system uses concrete load-bearing walls that could afford central (gravity) and lateral loads. These walls could be made in situ or be used as prefabricated walls. For the first type of concrete structure, forming is performed by metal or wooden forms, and then the ceiling system, which is usually in-site concrete slab, is erected on it. The upper floor walls are executed after this stage.
These structures are executed in mass production projects in two main types, both could be very effective. The two types are:
•    Semi-tunnel system (execution of walls with metal sliding forms and execution of ceiling with flying table).
•    Full tunnel system (execution of walls and ceiling at the same time using tunnel forms).

Tunnel system (with flying table)
This system has been effectively used by Ekbatan  renovation and development company in many years. “Shahrak Ekbatan” which is the largest residential complex  in Iran with 15,593 units capacity and2,660,000 square meters substructure, has been built in west of Tehran using this system. Also Vavan project with 2,576 residential units and 206,643 square meters residential substructure, and Sepah-shahr project with 624 residential units and 60,208 square meters residential substructure are being constructed in present by this system. Also it's intended to construct towers of hashtgerd project by this system.
In this system, an integrated metal forming is used which is fully assembled for walls. The forms of  external wall (end wall) lies on the wall and slides upwards, and the internal forms could be used again in adjacent building after separating them, so that be used in higher floor after execution of ceiling. With respect to the considerable size of forms, the most effective method to use this system is to use the internal wall forms for several adjacent buildings (with respect to the execution times) commonly, so maximum use could be made from the forms and the site. Light flying tables -made of aluminium- are used to execute ceilings. After execution of the floor walls, these tables are placed between the walls, and concreting is carried out after reinforcing and box laying. It should be noted that this system has been designed for concrete works with large amount (mass prodution) and needs many facilities such as heavy cranes with effective long booms and high capacity. If the mentioned facilities are provided, the system would prove to be highly effective for its speed.

Tunnel  system (ceiling and wall together)
This load-bearing wall structure system is completely similar to semi-tunnel system in form and the only difference is the execution method; that’s to say that in this system, the walls and ceiling forms are fully integrated and this lead to an acceleration in execution (since walls and ceiling are executed in one step). Also, since none of the elements of the form is left idle during execution, simultaneous execution of a number of adjacent buildings (which is almost an essential in tunnel system) is also a must in this system.


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